Youth Director 

Garrett Butcher
 serves as our  youth  director.​ Garrett and his Fiance Megan have been involved with our Church since August of 2016.
Garrett feels God calling him to youth ministry at our Church and to learn side by side with Pastor Luka. We are grateful for Garrett and his family who are very much involved in our Church.

If you need food, clothing or support

our Deacons are ​here to serve you!

 Pastoral Inter 

Raile Childress serves as our Pastoral Intern with Pastor Luka. Raile and his wife (Kelsey Baker) have been involved in our Church since October of 2016. Raile officially started serving in January of 2017. He is under the guidance and discipleship of our Pastor as Raile feels called to the Pastoral Ministry. Also Raile is currently working on his masters in Christian ministry.

 Pastor Luka and his family have been serving with our church since March of 2015. Luka and Jamie have been married since 2010 and have two beautiful daughters. Luka served as a missionary in Croatia and a youth minister in Serbia. He served at Central Baptist in Johnson City for almost two years before coming to Faith Fellowship. Luka has a bachelor’s degree in theology and is currently working on his Masters of Divinity. 
​Our Pastor's Vision is to
"To know God and make Him known to the world".

Children's Ministry Director 

Erin Stout 
​serves as our children
​'s director. Erin and her husband Dylan are both actively involved in our Church and their heart is so passionate for the word of God and reaching out to our Church members and training dicisples within our Church so we can send them out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ our savior and Lord. Erin has the heart for the kids and teaching them the sovereign love of God.   

(Not Pictured): Cody Link, & Wendell Snapp, Rex Williams, Rick Phillips and Branson Tipton.